Media Coverage on Sex-Selective Abortions

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last week posting at ProWomanProLife about MP Mark Warawa’s motion M-408, which sought an opportunity for Parliament to condemn sex-selective abortions, an abhorrent practice.

Despite the incredible disappointment most of us in the pro-life movement feel in face of Parliament’s shocking treatment of this motion, Andrea, Rebecca Richmond and I took some time to smile and show off some new t-shirts.

Andrea Mrozek, Faye Sonier, Rebecca Richmond

Some of my reaction, while wearing my EFC hat, was covered the US’s LifeNews, and Canada’s Catholic Register , The B.C. Catholic, and LifeSiteNews. A few of my statements from the LifeNews article:

The decision made today to declare Motion M-408 as non-votable by Parliament is lamentable,” explains Faye Sonier, Legal Counsel with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Sonier told LifeNews: “The motion calling on Parliament to condemn the practice of sex-selection pregnancy termination was simple, straight-forward and non-confrontational. As a lawyer who follows Parliamentary business, I was quite surprised that the Subcommittee on Private Members’ Business unanimously found that the motion didn’t satisfy the votability criteria for private members’ bills.

What a mess of a situation. We’ll have to see what Mr. Warawa chooses to do next.