When the Abortion Debate is Shut Down

I wrote a sidebar article for the latest issue of FaithToday, entitled ‘When Debate is Shut Down in Canada’s Highest Places:

I disagree. The abortion debate never ended. As a nation we have not stopped talking about it or debating the merits of legislation. There are a large number of MPs in Parliament, as well as innumerably more Canadians, open to the discussion. I know, because I have sat down with pro-life and pro-choice MPs and have participated in those conversations.

The issue’s cover story is about the difficulty of debating abortion in Canada. Interviewed for the piece were some friendly faces including CCBR’s Stephanie Gray, former speech writer for Prime Minister Stephen Harper Paul Malvern, and the IMFC’s Andrea Mrozek. The digital issue is available for free online, so you can check out the article.