Dear Topless Pro-Choice Protestor

I recently posted this letter on the ProWomanProLife blog following yet another topless protest at the Annual March for Life:

While I’ll likely disagree with your reasons for legalized abortion, I do support your right to express yourself and share your perspective.

However, going topless at a pro-life rally really isn’t a great way to make your point. Showing your breasts to the world is not an argument in favour of legalized abortion. It simply isn’t.

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College of Physicians, please stand up for religious minorities

I wrote this open letter to Dr. Marc Gabel regarding the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s draft human rights policy:

Dr. Gabel, this is not the definition of “discrimination” at law. If someone chooses to make up definitions for words, they are free to do so. (My son, for example, seems to think that “babagaba” is a verb which means “to chew on mommy’s ankle.”)

However, for a body like the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to create a new definition of “discrimination” which will result in the stripping of legal and human rights of some of their members is shocking, and this new definition will not stand up in a court of law. I urge the College to abide by Canadian and Ontario law.

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Misguided feminism at Fredericton High School

I wrote an article which I published at ProWomanProlife about North American feminism. Is it really dead? Or is there more work that could be done under the banner of feminism?

Unlike many jaded women, I do think there is still a place for feminism. Some argue that all the battles have been fought and we need to move on. Women are rolling their eyes at feminists who crash events by flashing their bare breasts and screaming obscenities. If feminists are left fighting over the “right” to wear short shorts, they’d argue that clearly all the feminist battles of substance have been fought and won. I agree, but only in part.

If feminism means the fight for the right of women to be treated with respect and dignity, bring on the battle. In the last few weeks, there has been extensive news coverage of the horrors of female genital mutilation and the cruelties associated with child marriages. Little girls need more women, like passionate feminists, to fight for them when they are unable to fight for themselves.

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No, conception is not an “accident”

I recently posted the following over at ProWomanProlife, responding to some arguments on “forced fatherhood”:

Therefore sex no longer leads to babies, or unwanted babies in any case, therefore men and women can become “accidentally” pregnant, bear no responsibility and the child in the womb is killed or, if he/she lives, may have to do without a “desperate” parent who opted out.

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Pro-choice activist: don’t call abortions “difficult decisions”

I recently responded to pro-choice arguments that Janet Harris advanced in her Washington Post article, Stop Calling Abortion a Difficult Decision. The post was published at ProWomanProlife. Here’s an excerpt:

Sex has life-altering consequences. As a result of sex, you may get a disease and you may get pregnant. If a couple gets pregnant and deems that this pregnancy is “mistimed,” they may rush headlong into an abortion in hopes of simply getting back to their regularly scheduled life. They may not have given themselves the time to research the abortion procedure and its consequences, learn about fetal development or seek out resources and help.

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“Hoes before embryos” and pro-choice messaging tactics

Yesterday, I posted the following commentary over at ProWomanProLife. I’m rather discouraged by the state of pro-choice advocacy.

I don’t understand how a movement that does include some good thinkers can produce such consistently ill-advised messaging. I also don’t understand how a movement that claims to advance its cause in the name of rights, respect and the protection of women from violence can assault women with cigarettes butts and saliva, and refer to women as “hoes.” Which philosophy under-girds a movement that consistently exhibits these behaviours at events across the continent? It seems to be a philosophy that fails to assign respect equally to all members of society, including women who don’t agree with their position.

If pro-choice leaders don’t believe that assault and lewd slogans should define their movement, why aren’t they condemning these actions? At the very least, condemning the spitting and throwing of objects at people? And keep in mind that in Canada, spitting on someone can be considered an assault under criminal law. The law appears to be similar in the US. These are matters not to be taken lightly.


Speaker Sheer’s Ruling

A week in review…

It was another busy week  of posting at ProWomanProLife. The inquest results came back on the death of Savita Halappanavar. The hospital staff appear to have committed a number of errors while administering her care. It’s a sad story.

Susan  Martinuk wrote a great piece regarding euthanasia and assisted suicide and how our “private” choices impact others. Brian Lilley conducted an interview with Lila Rose on the ongoing Hermit Gosnell trial. (I become a little sick every time I type out his name.) Their discussion about when life begins was quite interesting.

I also linked back to a piece that Wesley J. Smith wrote about the human trafficking of embryos. Stephanie Gray challenges us all to reconsider what “mother-to-be” means and Andrea disagrees with her use of the term.

Also this week, Speaker Andrew Sheer ruled on MP Mark Warawa’s point of privilege. The short decision is a good read and confirms both the authority of the position of the Speaker and the importance of the right to free speech of Parliamentarians.

And here’s a random list of things I loved or discovered this week:

  • This cassoulet recipe from Forks Over Knives. Some friends made it for me and it’s incredible. I’m making a double batch of it today.
  • I couldn’t get this song – Bones by Michael Kiwanuka – out of my head all week.
  • I’m loving Feedly. It is a great replacement for Google Reader.
  • I discovered LastPass this week. Wow. Having a plugin that manages my passwords makes working online so much easier.

Have a great week!

Normalizing Infanticide and the Gosnell Trial

A week in review…

I spent much of this week working on a major project, so I didn’t write any op-eds or blog posts for ActivateCFPL. But it was a busy week for posting at ProWomanProLife.

I commented on a Mississsauga pro-choice demonstration where it appears that the protestors were demanding the right to infanticide. In that same vein, I linked to an article where the writer predicts how society will come to accept infanticide, as it has abortion. Much of what he discusses is already taking place.

That was followed up by some coverage of the horrifying Kermit Gosnell trial. Kermit Gosnell, a 72 year old abortionist, is facing a number of charges, including murder charges for having killed seven newborns by “snipping” their necks with scissors. Fr. Frank Pavone noted that there were few people at the hearings despite the explosive testimony, while Robert P. George of Princeton made a plea for mercy for Gosnell.

I also linked to a thoughtful piece by Ann Voskamp. She posted an open letter to her son in which she discusses abortion and Gosnell.

It was also this week that MP Mark Warawa decided not to appeal the House of Commons committee decision to quash his motion, M-408, which sought a declaration by Parliament condemning discrimination against females occurring through sex-selective abortions. I noted that his point of privilege, as raised with the Speaker, will likely proceed.

I also came across an interesting article in this week’s Canadian Business that examines new research demonstrating that China’s One Child Policy results in fewer children who possess entrepreneurial skill sets.

Media Coverage on Sex-Selective Abortions

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last week posting at ProWomanProLife about MP Mark Warawa’s motion M-408, which sought an opportunity for Parliament to condemn sex-selective abortions, an abhorrent practice.

Despite the incredible disappointment most of us in the pro-life movement feel in face of Parliament’s shocking treatment of this motion, Andrea, Rebecca Richmond and I took some time to smile and show off some new t-shirts.

Andrea Mrozek, Faye Sonier, Rebecca Richmond

Some of my reaction, while wearing my EFC hat, was covered the US’s LifeNews, and Canada’s Catholic Register , The B.C. Catholic, and LifeSiteNews. A few of my statements from the LifeNews article:

The decision made today to declare Motion M-408 as non-votable by Parliament is lamentable,” explains Faye Sonier, Legal Counsel with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Sonier told LifeNews: “The motion calling on Parliament to condemn the practice of sex-selection pregnancy termination was simple, straight-forward and non-confrontational. As a lawyer who follows Parliamentary business, I was quite surprised that the Subcommittee on Private Members’ Business unanimously found that the motion didn’t satisfy the votability criteria for private members’ bills.

What a mess of a situation. We’ll have to see what Mr. Warawa chooses to do next.

Women must change biology in order to fit into society?

Julie Burkhart was recently interviewed by Mother Jones on her efforts to re-open the infamous Tiller abortion clinic. This comment stopped me in my tracks:

This community has just been so embroiled in the abortion…I hate to say the abortion “debate,” but just the turmoil. Some people would say, “Just leave it alone and let it go.” However, we can’t really have true freedom in this country until everyone can access that right.

Is she arguing that women can’t be free if they’re pregnant or that pregnant women can’t fully participate in society?

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