Porn: Our children are victims

A disturbing read.

Kamal, a boy in the same year, says: “Say I got a girlfriend, I would ask her to write my name on her breast and then send it to me and then I would upload it on to Facebook or Bebo or something like that.” The profile picture on his phone, seen by everyone to whom he sends messages, is an image of his girlfriend’s cleavage. Some of the boys at his school have explicit images of up to 30 different girls on their phone. They swap them like we used to swap football cards. If they fancy a girl, they send her a picture of their genitals. As one teenage girl said after the report came out, sending pictures of your body parts is “the new flirting”. […]

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Joyce Arthur demands pro-life display be dismantled

A pro-life group in Abbotsford mounts a pro-life display in a farmer’s field each year. Crosses are arranged in the field, each one representing a life lost to abortion.

Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada is demanding that the display be removed:

It is inappropriate for the City to use its resources and authority to approve what is basically a sectarian religious message that is divisive and upsetting for the community. The sign reflects a common anti-abortion slogan used by the Christian Right against abortion. In addition, the sign is juxtaposed with a display of Christian crosses, making clear the religious meaning of the entire display, which encompasses both the sign and the crosses.

There are so many issues with this statement and with her letter as a whole, but thankfully, André Schutten has offered an apt response.

But what really caught my attention in Ms. Arthur’s letter is the following…

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Less than a third of women “prefer” our abortion status quo

This week, during interviews on the anniversary of the Morgentaler decision, a pro-choice MP referred to the new Angus Reid poll on abortion. I read it through and found a few of the findings quite interesting. I wrote about it at ProWomanProLife:

Most women want to see restrictions on abortion. Two thirds of women, exactly 66%, do not “prefer” to have abortion on demand available to them.


It’s interesting that a larger percentage of men than women prefer our “any time for any reason” reality. Why is that? And why do women want more restrictions placed on abortion? This result seems to run contrary to our cultural narrative.

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On parents who share too much online

The author of this Globe article argues that parents need to be far more thoughtful when they blog about their children. With the efficiency of archiving sites like the WayBackMachine, some things will never, ever disappear from the web.

Recently, The Atlantic ran an article by Phoebe Maltz Bovy on the plague of “parental overshare”: the reams of articles and blog posts by parents whose favourite, if not sole, subject is their kids. She cites a New York Times blog post by Beth Boyle Machlan about her daughter’s obsessive compulsive disorder in which she describes intimate details of a therapy session, and the recent controversy over “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” a post-Newtown piece by a blogger named Liza Long who pegs her own troubled 13-year-old son as a potential mass murderer, illustrated by his photo. […]

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Every day is a victory for the pro-life movement

Yesterday I posted my first blog post at ProWomanProLife! I’m excited to be joining the team of fabulous writers. Andrea wrote a kind intro message here and my profile is here.

In a recent interview, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life commented on the pro-life movement’s successes. Josh Brahm of Life Report prefaced his question to Father Pavone by noting that some pro-lifers are discouraged and questioning if the American movement has accomplished anything since Roe v. Wade.

As the 25 year anniversary of the Canadian Morgentaler decision approaches, and we are reminded of what the decriminalization of abortion has wrought in our country, we should consider Father Pavone’s words.

In response to Josh’s question, “What has been the pro-life movement’s greatest victory or victories?” Father Pavone shares the following…

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