Normalizing Infanticide and the Gosnell Trial

A week in review…

I spent much of this week working on a major project, so I didn’t write any op-eds or blog posts for ActivateCFPL. But it was a busy week for posting at ProWomanProLife.

I commented on a Mississsauga pro-choice demonstration where it appears that the protestors were demanding the right to infanticide. In that same vein, I linked to an article where the writer predicts how society will come to accept infanticide, as it has abortion. Much of what he discusses is already taking place.

That was followed up by some coverage of the horrifying Kermit Gosnell trial. Kermit Gosnell, a 72 year old abortionist, is facing a number of charges, including murder charges for having killed seven newborns by “snipping” their necks with scissors. Fr. Frank Pavone noted that there were few people at the hearings despite the explosive testimony, while Robert P. George of Princeton made a plea for mercy for Gosnell.

I also linked to a thoughtful piece by Ann Voskamp. She posted an open letter to her son in which she discusses abortion and Gosnell.

It was also this week that MP Mark Warawa decided not to appeal the House of Commons committee decision to quash his motion, M-408, which sought a declaration by Parliament condemning discrimination against females occurring through sex-selective abortions. I noted that his point of privilege, as raised with the Speaker, will likely proceed.

I also came across an interesting article in this week’s Canadian Business that examines new research demonstrating that China’s One Child Policy results in fewer children who possess entrepreneurial skill sets.